From beggar to labor

Beggar to labor is a meaningful project in today’s world. Begging is easy job, and which has no included hard work or any creativity. Therefore, many lower idea people used to beg in order to earn money quickly and simply. Historically, many beggars are being millionaire in all over the world.

The begging is not recommended job and it is not gentle among the human being. As community is one of the responsibilities to creating more beggars due to poor and crisis. Indeed, unemployment is one of the main reasons that the beggars are forming.

Therefore, I introduced the project from beggar to labour (B2L) that means when I am receiving the beggars at my home, then I am just asking to do some works at my home. Then they are happy to work as they are getting money more than the begging. Mostly the works are that I am deploying that the labour works like plug off grass, small blue colour works. However, who knows you may find the intellectual person also from the beggar.

So, we may reduce the beggar and transforming to labor. As this community responsibility that we everyone can deploy this project from your end. It is called as B2L.

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