Getting a Job in an Oil Refinery

Does the idea of working in an oil refinery scare you? You probably do not expect to find a job that is so dirty, in fact petroleum production is dirty work. But you will work in an oil refinery, which is important to world’s economy.

The petroleum industry is in high demand of a variety of products and services. Applying for an oil refinery job may be your chance to obtain a college education in a field that is still in demand of course. If you want to work in an oil industry then you should start researching the petroleum industry. There are a variety of jobs and oil careers you can obtain with a US college degree.

Offshore Oil Rig Welder

The people in this job are getting paid $35,000 a year to make sure that the oil companies’ work in their oil rigs is done safely. The only problem with this type of a job is that you do not get to sit around and have your beer while you work. You also have to think about the fact that you sometimes will be working with hot oil.

Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists give expert information to oil companies. They help to discover the oil and petroleum deposits. This is a lucrative job to have for a number of reasons. The high salary is a nice addition to the oil rig jobs.

Oil Refinery Operator

Operating an oil refinery is not an easy job. You are only as good as your last job. For example, under no circumstances would you work in temperatures as low as freezing or as high as sweating. The oil refineries operate at various temperatures. The ideal is to work near or at room temperature or slightly higher. It is not unheard of for workers to work in extremely hot temperatures.

Refinery Safety Manager

The safety of the workers is the first priority of any organization. An oil refinery requires a safety manager to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible. This is achievable by ensuring that there are enough safety measures in place. Oil refineries experience spike in accidents during the summer due to heat. If you are interested in securing such a position, you should have an advanced degree in chemistry or engineering.

Petroleum Geologist

A geophysicist investigating the potential energy resources of a particular area. They have to use instruments and technology to discover oil and gas deposits. There is a lot of pollution in the earth’s atmosphere that can be caused by the release of these volatile gases. It is the duty of a petroleum geologist to find the oil and gas deposits in the earth.


Finding the oil and gas in the earth requires networking with individuals in the energy sector. These individuals are being paid big bucks to do precisely that. You can begin by asking people you know in the energy sector. They will probably not be able to tell you where exactly the oil and gas lies. However, they will likely be able to connect you with a company that they feel is a more reputable company. Avoid these guys as much as possible. They are paid by the energy companies to find them.

Sales Person

Some oil and gas companies are paying people to promote them. They are being paid per hour and most of them will not even require a college degree. Why? Because the energy sector is not regulated and the rules and compensation are very lucrative for them. They are almost getting paid as if they are a tenured professor.martin predicted that in 2006 retail sales will be around $45 billion.martin’s forecast for 2007 is approximately at $47 billion. What does this mean? It means that companies will be paying their sales people anywhere from $15 an hour to $75,000 a year. Unfortunately, the oil companies are not paying anything close to that. They are paying a pittance. They have today’s technology and are paying less than that. What is the future?

What is the future of employment? As I stated, the oil and gas will be around. Why not do some marketing toailsure that you are secured with a job?Disclosure,ARGUS-EBIT, underpinned bySecurities Registered Representative Licensing System (SIS), member of theReporting, Catherine Lang-Cline, Exact Group, and Com Venture Information Services.

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