We Just Don’t Understand?

We Just Don't Understand?

We just don’t understand!!

Life is tough out there. It makes no sense to complain about what’s going on in another man’s life when you don’t have one. With so many guiding systems to follow, how do you know who to trust and who to run far from? We’re allies excellent at teaching you how to take responsibility of your life, that’s what Is does with you that’s why you’re reading this document. You can benefit from paying attention to its teachings.

What would be better for you is to get behind Is and live the life that Is designed to give you. When you follow it, you’ll find out how to have permanent satisfaction. Is will never force life on you, the only person it has the power to, is you. I know that sounds saying like an arrogant as never likes me, back to “dumb”, but that’s exactly what Is will do, force life on you.

So instead of being upset about what you don’t have, be happy and grateful of what you do have. Years ago, I used to be someone who constantly cried over things I didn’t have but no worries, my reality became clearer and clearer each day as I began to see life through the eyes of an Is.

I know there are people who have been born, have operations, parties, been bullied or abused, adopted, geographical location have so many obstacles to overcome each day that we have little chance of surviving if we have.

But no one can except the fact that we are just beginning to exist out of nebulous combination of chemicals that work like caffeine and end up as void and starches in the stomach. Maybe gravity was hard on our ignorant forefathers as they built their world for us and wondered why they can’t help but be fearful of the little beings they love most.

Our actions can make us or break us.

We are constantly in a process of becoming, which means that in one minute we are going to be something, then the next thing we are not, or we will be something that we don’t have. In fact, as our bodies are becoming, it will occur that any activity or achievement will lead to all the previous ones. And so, we see that we are not just imprisoned in one area of our life, but it will allow us to see everything in our life as a system; also, as a cognitive process. I know that sounds confuse, but if you can accept the fact that you are able to perceive the whole picture, you also become aware of all the good things you have now, and your life can become more exciting.

Therefore, we want to start our day early since we were on an enforced fast that morning. The sun can give us an extra dose of energy and help us live longer.

That doesn’t mean however that we should forget about the darkness of the past. There are certain things in our past that we want to forget about, but there is no reason why it prevents us from moving forward from that in which we have experienced pain in the past.

In fact, forgetting the past and reliving in the present will make us forget again our tragic past experiences that we cannot change. This, I want to say, is a great hurt love can heal but it doesn’t have to.

We become what we think about most. Do we allow the nonsense thoughts driving us to do such destructive things slowly in our life and when we get tired of them, it’s time to stop being so foolish? The more we fight the ” unemployment burden” itself, the more life gets by us. We don’t end up supporting the way of living we have decided on to ride on the shoulders of the solutions efforts of the past.

We still “can’t” change what happened, but we can at least not feel sorry for us once in the moment past. So, these material things became a source of suffering, we wasted our own energy by fighting it and keep feeling sorry for ourselves. We were angry not because someone hurt us physically or emotionally, rather we were angry because we wanted so much to let go of all the pain that kept piling up in our heart. And when we let go of the pain it didn’t bring us, it opened our hearts more to love others and experience a higher consciousness.

So, is it wrong to fight against things? No, simply because it’s by fighting that we find out how huge we can become and how we can change our life for the best; things were not designed to be if our only primary intention was to fight to stay the same.

I think this is very common among human beings, we are constantly seeking new ways to fight against the present reality and its present struggle. We are always not satisfied with what we have, we always want more, and therefore things are never fulfilled for us.

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